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Improving Organizational Effectiveness of Committee on State Property Management in St. Petersburg

The "Organizational Effectiveness Research and Analysis of the Committee on City Property Management in St. Petersburg" Project.

The Project implementation prerequisite was the growing burden on the Committee as a consequence of taking proactive attitude towards the property complex by the City Administration. Under the limited staff conditions, no further extensive development of the organization is possible.

Within the consultation Project framework, the insufficient effectiveness areas of the Committee on City Property Management were identified. Specific recommendations aimed at improving the Committee effectiveness and employees’ burden reduction were developed. The main efforts in the research were aimed at identifying the hidden personnel reserves by means of  defining a vector of organizational changes necessary for harmonizing the internal organizational structure and its relevance environment.

The research methodology involved the following milestones:

  • Document analysis regulating the Committee on City Property Management functioning. The challenges facing the Committee and its subdivisions in formal regulatory documents, as well as the distribution of structural subdivision functions were considered, the documents regulating the performance evaluation system of the Committee on City Property Management functioning and individual business units were analyzed.
  • Personal interviews with the Committee key staff members were conducted, namely with Administrators of the Departments and Offices of the Committee on City Property Management, managers and employees of the Committee’s District Agencies.
  • Mass anonymous survey of the Committee employees was carried out.  The survey was the basis for diagnosing the Committee’s employee satisfaction. By comparing the level of work activity, employees’ motivation and loyalty in different Committee’s structural units, the necessity of organizational changes was identified in relation to specific issues and/or Committee’s structural units.
  • Documentation and analysis of the Committee’s main existing business processes, development of a business process model based on the proposed changes. The documentation of existing (working) algorithms of administrative procedures was carried out according to the IDEF0 visual modeling Standard. Then, the procedure model "as it should be" was developed in accordance with these recommendations.

The consultants' work resulted in a number of specific recommendations for changing the Committee’s existing procedures and organizational structure. Implementation of the

recommendations proposed in this research shall release the hidden personnel reserve, improve key performance indicators of the Committee (collection of payments and executive discipline). The Committee staff will have time for analysts and standardizing the executed work, reducing the burden on specific executing officers. The proposed changes will save the Committee’s human resources and increase its attractiveness as an employer.


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