The Ust-Luga Oil Joint Stock Co.
źIncreasing the capacity of liquid cargo complex in the Ust Luga Commercial Port╗
The LSR. Reinforced Concrete Joint Stock Co.
źDevelopment of new reinforced concrete production facilities for producing concrete products in the Leningrad Region╗
The Rosterminalugol Joint Stock Co.
"Increasing the capacity of coal terminal in the Ust Luga Commercial Port"
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As part of this analysis, the Samara, Novgorod and Leningrad Regions have been reviewed. The automotive industry in these Russian Regions is included in the priority sectors, as enshrined in the Regional socio economic development Programs and their investment strategies.
The Regional Law of the Leningrad Region ╣ 63-oz of October 3, 2013 "Introducing alterations in the ôState support conditions of the structures engaged in investment activity in the Leningrad Region and in separate Legislative Acts of the Leningrad Region" was adopted.
On the one hand, it is much easier to improve the human resources management in organizations today than it was 15 years ago. We are surrounded by an infinite information space. Knowledge can be derived from books, specialized business publications and the Internet...

«Management Consulting is to provide independent advice and assistance in management, including the identification and assessment of problems and / or opportunities, recommendation of appropriate measures and assistance in their implementation»
FEACO Information Document. Bruxelles, 1994. H.2.

From our point of view, the main purpose of the Project consultation is to improve enterprise’s transparency and control working jointly with a customer.

The main activities of the Management Solutions Ltd. in rendering managerial consulting services are as follows:

  • Investment planning and fundraising;
  • Increasing loyalty and transparency of the customer base - preparation for CRM
  • implementation;
  • Developing the enterprise regular management system (tree of objectives,
  • motivation system, budgeting and management accounting, business process optimization,
  • organizational design);
  • Technical consultations concerning investment activity State support in the Leningrad Region and other Regions of the Russian Federation.

Currently, the Management Solutions Ltd. is an accredited consulting structure of the Government of the Leningrad Region possessing the Accreditation Certificate "Entitlement to implement consulting activities at the Government of the Leningrad Region." The company has rendered consulting services to the St. Petersburg Administration and it conducts clients’ projects in the North-West Federal Region of Russia.