The Ust-Luga Oil Joint Stock Co.
źIncreasing the capacity of liquid cargo complex in the Ust Luga Commercial Port╗
The LSR. Reinforced Concrete Joint Stock Co.
źDevelopment of new reinforced concrete production facilities for producing concrete products in the Leningrad Region╗
The Rosterminalugol Joint Stock Co.
"Increasing the capacity of coal terminal in the Ust Luga Commercial Port"

Management Consulting is to provide independent advice and assistance in management, including the identification and assessment of problems and / or opportunities, recommendation of appropriate measures and assistance in their implementation»
FEACO Information Document. Bruxelles, 1994. H.2.

The Management Solutions Ltd. renders the following range of consulting services aimed at the regular management formulation:

  • Balanced scorecard development

    • Strategic Planning
    • Division of the company's strategic goals into functional, distributing them among departments, projects
    • Identification of critical success factors for functional purposes
    • Identification of key performance indicators

Business plan development

  • Organizational design

    • Organizational structure development meeting the company's strategy
    • Target diversity over business segments
    • Development of business segment provisions
    • Development of job description
    • Development of segment reporting and performance evaluation criteria
  • Motivation system development

    • Assessment of motivation system conformity with the company's objectives and  strategy
    • Distribution of the company's "tree of objectives" between staff
    • the personnel effectiveness criteria
    • Development of  the Regulations governing wages, bonuses, structure, compensation package and non-financial incentives.
  • Budgeting system arrangement 

    • Identification of responsibility centers
    • Development of the company’s financial structure
    • Development of budgeting regulations
    • Development of budget formats
  • Business processes optimization

    • Analysis of existing business processes for compliance with the objectives and organizational structure
    • Optimization of business process management
    • Development of passing business processes regulations
  • Development of regular sales system on the basis of Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

    • Analysis and improvement of business processes interaction with customers  according to Customer Relationship Management principles
    • Development of the customer base information structure. Organization of the clients’ collecting and storing information system..
    • CRM software adjustment and implementation.
  • Management accounting Development

    • Cost analysis
    • Distribution of costs, incomes and investments over the units
    • Prime cost identification of major products
    • Reporting system development

The diagnostic stages advance every advisory project formulating regular management system and allowing determining the company’s actual list of operations and sequence of their execution.