The Ust-Luga Oil Joint Stock Co.
źIncreasing the capacity of liquid cargo complex in the Ust Luga Commercial Port╗
The LSR. Reinforced Concrete Joint Stock Co.
źDevelopment of new reinforced concrete production facilities for producing concrete products in the Leningrad Region╗
The Rosterminalugol Joint Stock Co.
"Increasing the capacity of coal terminal in the Ust Luga Commercial Port"

Our company has been developing business plans for clients since 1998.  As this service is a key competence of the company for a long time, all the stages of the process development and customer support of investment projects are worked out.

The Management Solutions Ltd. offers the following services in the field of investment planning:

  • Development of the investment project business plan and preparation of necessary documents for potential investors, financial institutions, public authorities;
  • Strategic business plan development for the in-house use;
  • Development and optimization of the Project financial plan;
  • Examination of the Project business plan, including its provision to public authorities and financial organizations.

The Management Solutions Ltd. has experience of cooperation with Russian and foreign financial institutions: funds, banks, leasing companies.