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źIncreasing the capacity of liquid cargo complex in the Ust Luga Commercial Port╗
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Report Content of "Organizational Effectiveness Research and Analysis of Committee on City Property Management in St. Petersburg" Project

1. Introduction.

1.1 Description of current state of affairs.

1.2 Project goals and objectives.

1.3 Project boundary definition.

1.4 Project expected results.

1.5 Project implementation method.

2. Objectives of the Committee and its subdivisions.

2.1. The "tree of objectives".

2.2. Goals and targets of the Committee on City Property Management.

3. Analysis of the Committee organizational structure.

3.1 Characteristics of organization and coordination mechanism parts.

3.2 Double-bureaucracy.

3.3 Professional bureaucracy.

4. Staff satisfaction Research of the Committee on City Property Management.

1. Research objective.

4.2. Data collection method.

4.3. Characteristics of respondents.

4.4. Structure of research questionnaire.

5. Analysis of closed questionnaire responses.

5.1 Assessment of work performance satisfaction degree.

5.2 Assessment of job satisfaction degree.

5.3 Assessment of employee plans.

5.4 Assessment of significance factors influencing better work willingness.

5.5 Assessment of various work characteristic importance.

5.6 Assessment of labor activity level.

6. Description of the Committee’s main inefficiency areas:

6.1. in the Committee’s operation as a whole;

6.2. in the departments’ operation.

7. Recommendations for improving the Committee on City Property Management efficiency.

8. "Rent arrears collection" procedure.

8.1 Current situation and problem description.

8.2 Procedure improvement recommendations.

9. "Data collection and use on enterprises established with St. Petersburg participation" procedure.

9.1 Current situation and problem description.

9.2 Procedure improvement recommendations.

10. Conclusion.

11. Applications.