The Ust-Luga Oil Joint Stock Co.
źIncreasing the capacity of liquid cargo complex in the Ust Luga Commercial Port╗
The LSR. Reinforced Concrete Joint Stock Co.
źDevelopment of new reinforced concrete production facilities for producing concrete products in the Leningrad Region╗
The Rosterminalugol Joint Stock Co.
"Increasing the capacity of coal terminal in the Ust Luga Commercial Port"


1.1. Objective of Research Phase 1.

1.2. Tasks of Research Phase 1.

1.3. Current state of affairs.

2.  Administrative procedure set required for investment and enterprise establishment in St. Petersburg.

2.1. Registration of an enterprise.

2.1.1. Registration of a Russian enterprise.

2.1.2. Registration of credit institutions and licensing of banking activities.

2.1.3. Registration of Russian enterprises with foreign capital.

2.1.4. Registration of agency or branch of a foreign organization.

2.2. VAT and customs duties exemption on equipment import as contribution to share capital.

2.3. Attracting foreign labor.

2.4. Procedures related to facility location.

2.4.1. Real estate rent in primary market.

2.4.2. Land receipt, building permits.

2.4.3. Receipt of technical specifications, utility network connections.

3. Monitoring of administrative barrier changes in 2002-2004.

3.1. Monitoring purpose.

3.2. Data collection technique.

3.3. Characteristics of Respondents.

3.4. Structure of questionnaire research.

3.5. Respondents' subjective assessments of business and investment climate.

3.6. Assessment of barrier negative impact on St. Petersburg economic development.

3.7. Assessment of barrier negative impact on St. Petersburg economic development on labor intensity, time- and capital-intensive factors.

3.7.1. Registration of companies.

3.7.2. Licensing.

3.7.3. Obtaining permits and approvals.

3.7.4. Certification, labeling and product identification.

3.7.5. Inspection.

3.7.6. Taxation system.

3.7.7. Investment activities.

3.8. Analysis of administrative barriers various impact on economic growth in some economy sectors.

3.8.1. Assessment of various barrier economy importance.

3.8.2. Analysis of barrier levels to various economy sectors.

4. Conclusion