The Ust-Luga Oil Joint Stock Co.
źIncreasing the capacity of liquid cargo complex in the Ust Luga Commercial Port╗
The LSR. Reinforced Concrete Joint Stock Co.
źDevelopment of new reinforced concrete production facilities for producing concrete products in the Leningrad Region╗
The Rosterminalugol Joint Stock Co.
"Increasing the capacity of coal terminal in the Ust Luga Commercial Port"

The Projects of cultural organizations were subjected to their technical evaluation carried out by independent experts. The Permanent Expert Group made an assessment of all the announced Projects.

The permanent expert group is as follows:

LEONID LIMONOV - Director of the «St. Petersburg Strategic Plan for" Project Office, PhD (Economics), expert in the urban and regional economics, real estate economics, project investment financing, the Expert Council member of the 1st Grant  Competition Round,  examined the State Hermitage Project "The illustrated Hermitage Guide in five languages", which funding was recommended.

ALEXEY VASILIEV – Director of the Office of St. Petersburg Center Reconstruction Project


FRANCES MORRELL, the United Kingdom. Expert in finance, management, business planning, marketing in the field of culture and art. Recommended by the British Expert Organization (BESO) - an independent Agency rendering services of highly qualified consultants with extensive experience in Great Britain various institutions to foreign companies.

BARRY JOICE, the United Kingdom – an expert in historical heritage preservation. Vast working experience in managing the projects related to the cultural institution development including museums. Director of the Project awarded with the European Prize for developing and attracting investments (more than 2 Mln. €) of Wentworth, one of the UK historical cities  (1982). Recommended by the British Expert Organization (BESO). 

SUSAN KATZ – the "CEC International Partnership" representative in St. Petersburg, 1998. The World Bank's Consultant of the Culture Support Fund of St. Petersburg Center Reconstruction Project.

Additionally, each of the proposed Projects depending on its specific is subjected to individual examination involving such experts as:

MARK NICHOLAS HOFFMAN (USA) - the Harvard University graduate majoring in Art History and English Literature. From 1994 to 1997 – Expert of the Consulting Company "McKinsey Company Andes" (McKinsey & Company). Engaged in economic analysis of cultural organizations, mainly art museums and companies producing multimedia products;  participated in the Projects on strategic planning activities of major US museums. From 1997 to 1999 - economic advisor of the State Hermitage Director. His responsibilities include development and economic analysis of the Projects requiring large capital investments, developing strategies of attracting international donor funds, planning of reconstruction and development of the Hermitage new building on the Palace Square (the left wing of the General Staff).

BARBARA WORONCOW (the United Kingdom) - ethnographer, graduated from Cambridge University, was the ethnographic collection custodian of the museums and in Carlisle and Leeds (1975-1983). Deputy Director (1983 -1987), director of the Museum Council in Yorkshire and Humberside (1987). President of the Association of UK Museums (1996). Expert on museum management in developing countries. Specialist on training and professional development of museum workers. Participated in the programs of museum development and museum staff training in Western Europe, Poland. Author of scientific papers and textbooks. Participated as a lecturer and consultant in a number of Russian-British seminars "The St. Petersburg Museums in market economy" (1996-1997). Advisor of the UK National Lottery Fund for cultural projects. Advisory Board Member of the 1st Round of the grant competition  conducted in 1998, carried out expert examination of the Russian Literature Institute Project (the Pushkin House) "The Pushkin Library Book Series".

RUTH ROTHSHILD MAYLEAS (USA) - former advisor of the Ford Foundation in culture and art on International Programs in developing countries and Russia. As a consultant to the World Bank in culture, participated in the Bank’s Mission of the "St. Petersburg Center Reconstruction" Project in March 1997, examined the real situation of the cultural institutions included in the list of participants for the Culture Foundation grants, as well as their conception development. Advisory Board Member on the 1st Grant Competition Round in 1998, examined the State Russian Museum Project "The Russian Museum- to Children Video Film Cycle" (1998).

ANATOLY GOLUBOVSKIY - Ph.D. (Art history), expert in theater business organization and economics, sociologist (Moscow). Expert on cultural policy and cultural management of the Humanitarian Technologies Centre, as well as the "Culture" Program of the "Open Society"  Institute (Soros Foundation, Russia). Advisory Board Member on the 1st Grant Competition Round in 1998, examined the "Ticket Sale and Distribution Agency of the Mariinsky Theatre” in St. Petersburg.

ELENA ERONINA - Deputy Director of the State Public Scientific and Technical Library (Moscow). Expert of the "Open Society» Institute (Soros Foundation, Russia). Author of 15 scientific papers in Russian and foreign countries on rendering reader services, ILL activities on services and document delivery, paid services in libraries, library legislation. Advisory Board Member on the 1st Grant Competition Round in 1998, examined the Russian National Library Project "The Information Centre at the Russian National Library” in St. Petersburg.

ELENA KOLOVSKAYA - Head of the "Culture and Art" Program at the "Open Society" Institute (Soros Foundation) in St. Petersburg.

IRINA KLIM - Director, Information Resource Center of the US Consulate General, expert of the Soros Foundation.

VLADIMIR BRONNIKOV - Marketing Director of "LANCK" Computer Company, St. Petersburg. Expert in telecommunications and computer technologies.

LYNN STERN (USA) - Manager of the "CEC International Partnership" Program in business development of St. Petersburg museums. Organizer of the "Salute St. Petersburg" Festival in New York (1996-97). Video technology Project manager.

MARINA VELIKANOVA (Moscow) - architect, Project manager for the World Bank, Deputy Director of the Housing Reform National Fund.

ALEXANDER RUBINSTEIN - Deputy Director of the State Art Institute of RF Ministry of Culture and the Russian Academy of Sciences, Head of Art Economics Department, Ph.D. (Philosophy), professor, culture expert, economist. Draftsman of the Laws and Regulations in culture.

IRINA REKSHAN - Head of the "Leontieff Centre" Research Group in St. Petersburg, PhD (Economy), expert of Art Economics. Advisory Board Member on the 1st Grant Competition Round in 1998, examined the "Ticket Sale and Distribution Agency of the Mariinsky Theatre” in St. Petersburg.

LEBEDEV A.V.  – Member of the Museum Design Lab of the Russian Cultural Institute, Doctor of Arts (Moscow). Expert of the “Open Society" Institute (the Soros Foundation), curator of the "Cultural Heritage" Program.

GRUZDEV I.A. - Director of the International Business Incubator in Volkhov. From 1993 to 1997, Chief Economist at the Saint Petersburg Bank and General Director of the "Hotel Petrogradskaya” Ltd. Developed the banking financing projects, participated in the World Bank Program for Russian banks (1996 – 1997). The Financial Institution Development Program, Enterprise Support Program and Residential Program. Involved in equipment procurement for the World Bank procedures.